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Member Area Updates  

September 12

If you live for blackmail, extortion and seduction, the perfect video has just been uploaded to make you fiend it even more.


Aug 5

Findom Upskirt video just added. Now trance!


July 30

VOTD assignment. Getting ready for a mega-cam weekend!


July 20

A hypnotic visual delight. "Red, Spend" just added to the members arena. I will be on webcam tomorrow evening at 9pm EST.


June 26

you love being rinsed so much I had to add another financial domination clip! "Perfect Spending Habit" and I'll be on cam this evening. you're welcome.


June 23

Findom Summer Tease 623 video now in the member's section. Just what you needed!


June 17

Foot slave vs Foot loser video now in the member's section


May 15

Deprivation Endurance video is now in the members area. you all need a little dusting off, training with pain. you've been slacking off like it's a living, it ends now.


May 6

Blackmail Preview Sale video now in the members area.


April 22

Some strap-on fucketry to delight your soul, or perhaps your... lol! Video just added to the members area.


April 15

A sexy and alluring strap-on toilet fetish video is now available in the members area. "Pee Play Princess"


April 10

FA$$ination ass worship pov video clip just added to the member area.


March 31

A new VOTD. There's something under My dress.....?


March 25

A new audio clip just added to the members area,"Dirty Bitch."


March 22

A new exclusive strap-on fetish pov video just added to the members area. "Crack Fucker!"


March 17

Find out how deep your love for My perfect peds is with this sweet 3 day foot fetish stroking assignment and prepare a report.


March 7

Foottitude foot fetish and worship video now in the members area.


March 4

you need to know where to start... watching this video clip in the member's area will help...


February 19

I love the way you just keep dying over and over again for My ass. New VOTD, from behind.


February 11

Some of you are foot freaks and others just long to be under My feet more than others being that that is where you belong. Foot & stocking video clip added.


February 4

Sissy Melon Ball video added to the members gallery. I'll be on webcam tomorrow afternoon and maybe in the evening. >:)


January 31

What happens every time your heart beats? Also, I'll be on webcam tomorrow. Prepare to serve hard.

January 20

The Femininity Found video is now ready in the members area.

January 16

New cu$tom Findomme MP3 clip added to the members area.

January 10

The Wallet Whisperer video is now available in My members area

December 29

"Mesmerize 500" you've been begging for it. Now you'll be paying for it with your mind which is now, Mine.

December 14

your glamour Goddess VOTD ask yourself, are you DIY prone?

December 10

you Financial Domination fanatics just can't get enough! A new EXCLUSIVE video just added.

November 25

Findom fever, yes, you've got it. Go watch the votd now and see how long you remain shameless.

November 17

:Blackmail, Watching you" clip just added.

November 11

New vid. It's glamour time for My sissy sluts in training as well as you pro-hos!

November 5

Foot fetish video added. slut.

October 29

Foot lovers VOTD added. I definitely have to get a mobile webcam application to add to the site to broadcast from afar. Find Me one.

October 24

Addressing your begging," Please, take me deeper." New exclusive trance fetish video clip just uploaded. To help you get worse... Love, Me.

October 14

Endurance video posted. We both know you don't have any but suffer through it anyway. Build.

October 6

Sunday, Money Sunday. Exclusive member's only Findom fetish video added. Just a bit of My daily riff. >:)


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